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Fresh & Sustainable Dining by Chef Ryan Clift
All Day Dining + Bespoke Cocktails

Award-winning Chef Ryan Clift, from the famed Tippling Club and Open Farm Community in Singapore stamps his impressionable brand of produce-centric, fresh and sustainable dining to Bali’s vibrant dining scene.

GROW features artisanal and bespoke elements throughout an eclectic menu serving Ryan’s self-titled “Bistronomy” cuisine using only locally-sourced produce and meats. GROW also brings along Ryan’s signature cocktail program designed by a world class mixologist bespoke for Bali’s unique aura.

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GROW’s vision is to deliver an authentic farm-to-table dining experience with sustainability and traceability as key to the culinary concept. In many ways, GROW as a concept is a trifold concept and experience: The sustainable dining concept; Ryan’s progression in his career and techniques; and Ryan’s vision to develop, train and raise the overall standard of his culinary team mainly comprised of Balinese and Indonesians.

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The Chef

Based in Singapore since 2008, Ryan conceptualized the now famous Tippling Club, which couples refined progressive cuisine with avant-garde cocktails quickly throwing him into the spotlight of Asia’s bustling gastronomical scene.

The restaurant is now ranked No 31 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant, 12th on the inaugural Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2016 and named in the Top 20 of The Miele Guide. 

Ryan Clift launched his culinary career when he was 14-years old in England’s rural Wiltshire to become a powerhouse and architect of Asia’s dining landscape. While helping out in the West Country Michelin-starred restaurant, Ryan fell for the raw energy of the kitchen and went directly to culinary school and gastronomic stardom. His professional career kicked off in London’s luxurious legendary hotel – Claridge’s.

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